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Author: Dr Nacho de Blas

Author: Carmelo Ortega

Author: Klaas Frankena

Author: Klaas Noordhuizen

Author: Dr Michael Thrusfield

Title: Win Episcope 2


Win Episcope is software for quantitative veterinary epidemiology. It is suitable for both the design and analysis of epidemiological studies, and as an aid to the teaching of quantitative epidemiology. Win Episcope 2.0 has been programmed with Borland Delphi©; 1.0. The program can be run on IBM compatible PCs with the Windows©; 3.1 /95 /98 /ME /2000 /XP /Vista /7 (not 64bit) operating systems.

Win Episcope 2.0 is a 32 bit application and will not work on Windows Vista or 7 64 bit.
It is compatible with Vista and Win 7 32 bit.

The following modules are available:

Diagnostic Tests

  • Test Agreement

  • Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests

  • Advanced Features of Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests

  • Selecting the Threshold Value of a Diagnostic Test

  • Multiple Diagnostic Tests

Sample Size

  • Sample Size to Estimate Means

  • Sample Size to Estimate difference between Means

  • Sample Size to Estimate Percentage (e.g. prevalence)

  • Sample Size to Estimate difference between Percentages

  • Sample Size for Detection of Disease in a Population

  • Sample Size for Threshold Level

  • Sample Size in Unmatched Case-Control Studies

  • Sample Size in Matched Case-Control Studies

  • Sample Size in Cohort Studies

Analytical Observational studies

  • Cross-Sectional studies

  • Stratified Cross-Sectional studies

  • Case-Control studies

  • Stratified Case-Control studies

  • Matched Case-Control studies

  • Cohort studies (Cumulative Incidence)

  • Cohort studies (Incidence Rate)

  • Stratified Cohort studies (Cumulative Incidence)

  • Stratified Cohort studies (Incidence Rate)


  • Reed-Frost Model: simulation of an epidemic

Version: 2.0
Date: August 2000
Price: free

Download the self-extracting file wepi2m.exe (1.2 MB) to a temporary directory and run it to extract the installation files. Then run install.exe in this directory.

Download now

Program authors:
Nacho de Blas
Carmelo Ortega (1)
Klaas Frankena (2)
Jos Noordhuizen (3)
Michael Thrusfield (4)

Faculdad de Veterinaria, Zaragoza, SPAIN ;(1)
Agricultural University, Wageningen, NETHERLANDS (2)
University of Utrecht, NETHERLANDS (3)
University of Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM (4)

Language: EN-GB



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